Architecture office of Andrés Serra

Landscaping . Architecture. Interior design

Established in Palma de Mallorca in 2005 and with more than 30 years of experience Andres Serra presents a vision of projects that combine modernity, simplicity and tradition in Mallorcan architecture, offering services of Architecture, Landscaping, Interior Design, Project and Product Design.


Within the traditional architectural line of the island we seek to aspire towards a traditional architecture contextualized in the modern world. Our sensibility makes us shape our design towards quality, elegance, and harmony. We seek coherence and cohesion between the building, the landscape, and the interior space.

We aspire towards a simple, friendly, loving architecture where we give great value to the natural light and comfort of an environment, as well as the energy that flows through it. We believe in coherence and harmony in space supported by quality of materials to focus the architecture on a statement of longevity. The quality of the materials creates spaces that are durable and sustainable.

We have a qualified team of technicians and creatives who materialize these ideas in technical projects with a high level of detail.